Great American Meatout Donation Request Form


1. Submit the form below to request a Meat Out Donation (available in the US only).

2. Turtle Island Foods requires that your organization include our name and logo on event or promo materials - images can be found at

3. Please download the Tofurky Donation Sign to display at your table.

4. Also please review the recap form and submit it after your event along with event photos (if available).

5. As of January 16, 2012 we will no longer donate to organizations that have failed to report back on a previous event. This means that we may refuse a request if you or your organization has received a donation from us in the past and did not send a report, recap or photos of the previous event.

Your Meat Out Donation will depend on amount of attendees and samples requested. 

Meat Out Donation Request

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Please let us know how you plan to prepare the food samples you are requesting. Give details on preparation and how you plan on heating/cooking/preparing  and distributing the sample requests. Other comments are also welcome here.

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Contact Information:
The Tofurky Company
PO Box 176 Hood River, OR 97031
Phone: 800-508-8100 ext 19, Fax: 541-386-7754