Gluten Free

We have two product lines: Tofurky® products and tempeh

Tofurky products are made with vital wheat gluten and therefore are NOT gluten free.

Our tempeh is gluten free. Our gluten free and wheat free tempeh includes a line of “cake” tempeh (soy and 5-grain) as well as coconut curry marinated tempeh strips.

Tempeh preparation in Indonesia

The other flavors of our marinated tempeh strips (sesame garlic and smoky maple bacon) contain soy sauce which has a wheat ingredient. Although these tempeh strips have tested gluten free, they are not wheat free. We do not recommend these products for customers with wheat allergies or celiac disease. Please send us an email to reqeust more information about our marinated tempeh strips.

Did you know?

The Tofurky Company line of original cake tempeh is gluten free.