Tofurky® Deli Slices

America’s number one selling brand of meatless deli slices in America! Our slices are simply the best on the market. Certified 100% Vegan. 3 to 5 Net Carbs per Serving!

The texture and taste of these slices make life easy whether you are a vegan or just someone looking for a healthy sandwich alternative to lunchmeat. Sliced extra thin for your sandwich stacking enjoyment!

  • Made without Hexane-Extracted Soy Protein Isolates
  • Certified Vegan
  • Thin Slice
  • No Nitrates or MSG
  • 3 to 5 Net Carbs per Serving

Smoked Ham

Smoked Ham Style Tofurky Deli Slices

Ham it up!
No really, we mean it. Get creative with the newest addition to our famed deli slice line up.  A perfect ingredient for breakfast scrambles or kids school lunch, this ham can’t be beat. Mix with your favorite Mac & Cheese or eat straight from the pack with crisp crackers.
You might notice a slight difference between this ham and your childhood staple. This little piggy stayed home.



Pepperoni Tofurky Deli Slices

With pepperoni lovers in mind we set out to
create a meatless pepperoni that could satisfy the exacting
standards of a nation of pepperoni experts. We replaced
the traditional white fat with whole grain organic brown
rice, adapted texture from our famous Tofurky ® deli slices,
and the flavor, well that’s our little secret. So fire up the
pizza oven or try these in your favorite sandwich, and you
will say Tofurky Pepperoni - that’s amore!




Oven Roasted Tofurky Deli Slices

The same great taste and texture that is in our Tofurky® Roast, sliced thin for club sandwiches, hoagies and subs.

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Peppered Tofurky Deli Slices

We add the finest cracked peppercorns our original great tasting Tofurky Deli Slice for a zesty, pastrami-type slice. Our peppered deli slices make a smashing vegetarian Reuben, sub or hero stacked high with cheese, tomatoes, avocados and your favorite mustard.

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Hickory Smoked Tofurky Deli Slices

To impart a delicate smoke flavor to these deli slices, we smoke our famous Tofurky recipe in a real smokehouse over hickory chips to give a sweet, smoky flavor and beautiful brown crust on the outside. It would be easier to just add liquid smoke to the recipe, like our competitors, but we feel that the flavor is more authentic with natural smoke. Perfect for picnics, lunches or straight out of the pack.

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Bologna Style Tofurky Deli Slices

Is there anything more American than a bologna and mustard sandwich? Many of us grew up eating these only to learn later about the dark side of this American icon. We've taken the challenge to come up with a new bologna that tastes like the sandwich we remember but contains less fat, sodium, no cholesterol and no nitrates or preservatives. We think we have succeeded, but don't take our word for it -- try it out for yourself or better yet, run it by the world's most discerning bologna connoisseurs: the kids!




Italian Tofurky Deli Slices

It can be argued that no culture has brought more to the sandwich table than the Italians. Bologna, salami and prosciutto are great for carnivores, but what about those seeking a meatless alternative? Try our Italian deli slices, flavored with sun-dried tomatoes, Italian herbs and spices for an outstanding meatless deli slice.

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Roast Beef Style Deli Slices

It’s not really about where the beef is or isn’t. It’s more about where the flavor is, and the flavor is right here in our Tofurky® Roast Beef Style deli slices. With a robust and hearty taste these slices compliment your favorite condiments and sauces. Try them with horseradish for some zip or dipped in a vegan au jus for some savory goodness. Fast, easy and delicious these slices will have you asking, “Where’s the bread?”




Some Testimonials

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful products. I'm a vegetarian and a diabetic. I have a hard time getting enough protein in my day. I discovered your products in my local Publix, and I love them! When I pack a Tofurky sandwich for lunch, I feel better during the day. I eat less because I'm getting more protein, so I'm not as hungry. Now that I pack a Tofurky sandwich every day, I'm losing weight, my blood sugar is down, and I expect good results with my next blood test. My nutritionist is so pleased with it that she's been recommending it to her other patients. I'm so blessed to have found you. Thank you so very much for the great job you do. I'm your biggest fan!
Donna S.

"Never before has a food product sent me running to my e-mail to sing its praises. I have had original flavor Tofurky deli slices for dinner two nights in a row and I am still on a Tofurky high. I am CONSTANTLY trying to replace the delicious meat flavors of my youth, minus the cruelty and killing. Your Tofurky slices were just like the turkey sandwiches I remember! The consistency is so real it's uncanny, and none of the flavors seem artificial like so many similar products."
Beth in Ithaca, NY

I wanted to let you folks know how much we enjoyed your product. The flavor, texture, color and size of the slices is perfect!!!! And it is reasonably priced. What other meatless products do you have? I have to add your Tofurky products are better than the real thing.
Mary S.

Love your Tofurky deli slices! It has been served "undercover" at my house to my meat-eating relatives for some time now. It is just now coming out of the closet. Thanks for the great ammo in the fight against cholesterol, fat, and the fear of changing one's diet even slightly.

There was a free food sampling today at Ward's Market in Gainesville, FL where I tried Tofurky Deli Slices for the first time. They are wonderful! Needless to say I bought some immediately.
Joan R.





Did you know?

Our Hickory Deli Slices are smoked in a real smokehouse.