Our Ingredients

Since our founding in 1980 The Tofurky Company has strived to create delicious, nutritious, vegan soy meat alternatives that are lightly processed using traditional methods. Our goal is to produce the best tasting and textured vegan soy foods possible using healthy, high quality ingredients. For soy proteins we rely on products like tofu and soybeans, which we believe are more wholesome, better textured and more environmentally friendly than high tech, hexane-extracted soy powders, isolates and concentrates.

Because we are an independent, family owned business we are able to do things unthinkable in a large, corporate environment. When creating a product our number one goal is to develop the best tasting and textured product possible. Sometimes this means doing things the “hard way” but we are OK with that. For example, we use real wood chips and an actual smokehouse to smoke our Tofurky jurky and deli slices instead of adding liquid smoke. We use real, organic tofu not because it is easier but because we believe it makes a better product. Our goal is to please our customers, not Wall Street.

Customer service has been a high priority for us from the very beginning. We believe in ingredient transparency and will answer all ingredient questions promptly. We encourage you to read our labels and contact us if you have questions.

Did you know?

The Tofurky Company does not use hexane extracted soy isolates or powders.